These tiny troops personalize your favorite token generation deck, are killer minions for your next RPG encounter and star in their very own semi-abstract battle game, Token Terrors: Battlegrounds. Affordable, plentiful, durable and unstoppable. Token Terrors,

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Token Terrors: Battlegrounds is a 1 VS 1 semi-abstract battle game where players command an army of 10  Token Terrors in an attempt to deplete all their opponent's forces. Battlegrounds is suitable for ages 12+ and has a duration of 15 to 30 minutes, has a small box and travels easily. 

A fast and fun battle game

With a 1 inch footprint and compact dice-sized design, Token Terrors personalize your favorite token generation deck without breaking the bank. No blind bags or forced scarcity. Need 30 Goblins for your mono-red aggro deck? We got you covered and plan to unleash more mini-monsters soon.  

Durable, dice-sized and travel ready, Token Terrors can be tossed into a dice bag and be unleashed in your next RPG adventure. Paint friendly and brimming with character our affordable tiny troops can flood the battle mat without emptying the treasury and are themed after your favorite fantasy minions. 

generate a BETTER token creature!
mighty minions that don't quit

mini-monsters BIG BATTLES

Become a mighty Warlord in Token Terrors: Battlegrounds. Enhance your favorite token decks! Unleash a deluge of fun, versatile mini-monsters during your next minion encounter OR collect and paint your own army of tiny troops. Subscribe to receive updates and claim your copy of Token Terrors: Battlegrounds when we go live on Kickstarter! See you on the Battlegrounds!