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Token Terrors Battlegrounds Warlord's Wealth Deluxe Edition

Token Terrors Battlegrounds Warlord's Wealth Deluxe Edition

SKU: TG0002

This deluxe edition offers everything inside the Token Terrors core copy but offers these additional features:


Collectors box sleeve

Limited edition alternate box art

10 token terrors miniatures from each faction (as opposed to 6 of each in the core edition) 

The Token Terrors 5th edition minions manual - complete with alternate art for each faction, stat blocks, unique abilities, and lore. 



6 Token Terrors Miniatures from all 7 factions in Token Terrors Season 1: Primeval (42 in all)

2 deluxe Cemetery canvas bags

7 Token Talent reference cards

2 Rules at glance player aids

2 "7 sided" Surge point D6

Oversized D6 evasion die

Battlegrounds board

Rule booklet

Chronicles of Chaos Comic book

Warchest tuck box with 12 sealed tactics and grudge cards that you can unlock! 


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