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Black Mold

Black Mold

SKU: TG0010

In BLACK MOLD you are an escaped prisoner trying to find your way out of an abandoned subterranean prison compound. Black undulating fungal growths coat every surface of these corridors, emitting ghostly clouds that poison the air. To avoid breathing the harmful, hallucinogenic mist, you must limit your exposure and make your escape.


This is simulated in the game by limiting the length of your turn to how long you're able to physically hold your breath.


This version includes: 


6 Prisoner meeples  

6 double-sided Prisoner player cards   

6 Prisoner decision decks  (115 cards total)

6 Prisoner Contraband cards

8 Custom print “Survival Dice”

10 Thrall Meeples

7 Thrall actions cards

90 item cards

24 crafted item cards

70 Area Cards

50 Plot cards

80 Spore/Malics tokens

10 Bonfire tokens

1 60-seconds sand timer

5 quick reference cards

1 “Looming tray” in-game storage

1 Nest Storage Tray

1 Rule book


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