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We’re Attending Origins Game Fair!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be attending the Origins Game Fair this week! At the time of writing this blog entry, I’m gearing up to hit the road tomorrow, Tuesday, to set up our newly upgraded booth in space number 344. You'll find us at the far end of the artists ' alley in the upper part of the main vendor room.

Origins Game Fair is set to be the largest convention we’ve ever attended. Previously, the biggest conventions we’ve worked at were PAX Unplugged and MAGFest, which draw around 20,000 people. However, judging by the vendor map, this event looks massive and is a significant step forward for us.

We’re bringing all of our games, including some that are no longer available online. We saved a few copies for in-person events, so you can get your hands on these rare items. Black Mold and all expansion material for Black Mold will be there, as well as limited copies of our newest release, Valka, and our flagship game, Token Terrors: Battlegrounds, and the new Token Terrors OUTCASTS Blind bag mini-expansion.

We have a handful of copies left of Pocket Wars, Solo Token Terrors mini-games, The Warlords Wealth, and just a couple of copies of Repugnant. A reprint of Repugnant is in the works, along with a small supplemental expansion that I’ll discuss later.

We’re also preparing to campaign for the Token Terrors Season Two expansion. At Origins, we’ll be demoing some expanded factions that might make it into Season Three. Our booth has undergone a major upgrade to optimize it for this event and PAX Unplugged in December. It's already been put to the test at recent conventions.

In fact, we’ve been so busy that the weekend after Origins, we’ll be at another convention, Too Many Games near Philly, which we attended last year and had a blast. This is on the heels of two weekends at other conventions, including MAGSTOCK and a smaller Baltimore convention called The Sorcery Social. Both were a lot of fun, and we anticipate the same excitement at Origins.

If you want to check out our new stuff or if you're a Kickstarter backer planning to attend and want to pick up your copy of Valka, we will have them on hand. Please message me in advance if you can.

We’re stoked to meet everyone and hope to play a few games while we’re there. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with people, enjoying this awesome hobby, and hopefully selling a few games in the process. See you there!


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