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REPUGNANT The World's Most Disgusting TTRPG

REPUGNANT The World's Most Disgusting TTRPG


Experience the repulsive rapture of REPUGNANT, The World's Most Disgusting TTRPG, now in its safely contained 2nd printing "trash bag" edition! Embark on a nauseating journey through the Crust, a trash-covered world, with our double-sided map as your guide. Unleash your inner deviant with 69 pages of bizarre races, and messy mutations for easy character creation. Encounter over 30 original and odorous monsters, and forge your fate using our unique 'D2 covered in chit system' complete with a sheet of chipboard chits to pop out like zits and the included determination table known as the HEAP. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable role-playing experience that will leave you both queasy and delighted.

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