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Token Terrors are designed to go anywhere gamers are. Whether playing Token Terrors Battlegrounds, generating tokens in Magic, or filling an RPG battle mat with tons of minions, we want Token Terrors to open up a world of gaming and fun! This is why we have, since the onset, intended to sell Token Terrors separately from the Token Terrors Battlegrounds core game. 


While doing a redesign of our six-count “Battle Block” packaging we had an epiphany! “Let’s include a small solo mini-game for each faction and include it in the box”! After getting quotes from our manufacturing partner and working with an excellent group of up-and-coming designers we now have 6 original Token Terrors mini-mini Games! 


Each mini-mini game is specifically themed around the faction they’re paired with. We call them “mini-mini” because these are likely some of the only 15 to 30 minute long solo games that include three-dimensional miniatures!  


You can try all six of our Token Terrors mini-mini games in their digital version on Tabletop Simulator. We urge any folx who try out these games to please give us feedback on your experience. These games have not yet been manufactured and we want to release the best games we can and we love hearing your ideas!

TOKEN TERRORS SOLO mini-mini games

TokenTerrorsProducts (00165).png


As a young elf looking to prove yourself, set out to the depths of the Forrest for your right of passage to become an elven warrior. As elders drive out the wild game, bag as many as you can while avoiding precious fawns in this strategic top-down shooter.

Desinged by Galen McCown

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