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Playtester incentives program

Complete games, Give Feedback, earn cool exclusive swag!

3 battles

Earn access to the alpha testers private group.


Earn an Alpha tester exclusive button and holographic sticker

earn an alpha tester exclusive acrylic pin!

10 Battles

earn an alpha tester exclusive t-shirt!

20 battles

WARNING! Terrible Tactics, Grudge, and all factions/Tokens outside of Token Terrors SN.1 PRIMEVAL are for advanced players. Please play no less than 3 games trying each faction from SN.1 before exploring in progress factions/content.

Which Token Terrors did you command in this battle?
How many games of Token Terrors Battlegrounds have you played and given Feedback on?

Overall rating by skulls

Overall rating?PoorNeeds workOkay but...Good. PerfectOverall rating?

Thanks for playing and giving us feedback! 

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