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PAX Unplugged Interview: Thoughts from a First Time Self Publisher

Galen McCown from Galen's Games interviewed our very own John de Campus (JD) about his experiences at PAX Unplugged. Thanks Galen!

JD emphasized the intangible benefits of attending in-person events like PAX Unplugged for board game publishers. While the goal is always to make a profit, the high costs of booth fees and accommodations are certainly a factor. Despite nearly breaking even, we see the event primarily as a marketing exercise, focusing on building connections within the board game community. We value the personal connections made during the event, especially with individuals from Boardgame TikTok. There's a real joy in demoing games, seeing players get excited, and the importance of visibility within the industry. For us, selling games is crucial, but the real goal is to get more games onto tables, enhance the Terrible Games' presence, and enjoy the convention alongside fellow board game enthusiasts.

John's advice to indie publishers is to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of attending events like PAX Unplugged, emphasizing the various ways to utilize the visibility gained.

Read the entire interview with JD, Matthue Ryan of Envy Born Games, and Isaac Hirschfield of Montage End Games here at Galen's Blog!


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