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token terrors season 1 - primeval

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Inhabiting the craggy, crimson Messa mountains the goblins are a tribal society whose power structures bend and break under the chaotic and savage leadership style of “the most mighty shall rule.” Goblins are reckless which means their ranks require constant replenishment. Lucky for the Goblins they breed very quickly from deep within the Messa caves themselves. Gestating like tadpoles inside red clay warmed by molten lava flowing beneath them, a single goblin corpse when buried rots away into dozens of mud born progeny who spring forth and within days are able to take up a spear or a blade and dash headlong into battle in the name of Goblin dominance. Their goals as a tribe seem unclear though it's inferred that Goblins simply wish to overtake, consume and leave only death in their wake.

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Where the primordial first beings of Terra that went to the Messa mountains became Goblins, the ones that called the forest home became the Elves. Elves have exceedingly lengthy birthing cycles but once an Elf is born, it's life is long, perhaps even immortal. Many generations of Elves are raised by elite warriors with extensive knowledge of the land of Terra, its other factions and how to destroy them. However, Elves do not seek to rain destruction on Terra and assert their rule. Instead, they use their long lives and endless knowledge to serve as protectors and gatekeepers of the largest forest on Terra, The Olde Growthe Woods. So long as the forest remains unscathed and nature is allowed to provide for the thralls of unaging Elves under its vast canopy the elves are typically benevolent, though sometimes an arrogant, people who grant passage to those who bear no aggression, and a well-aimed arrow to those who do not.


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All the first beings of Terra sought to thrive where they could. Those who did not find safety in the woods or the mountains were forced to create their own refuge, and so the humans came to be. Adaptable, willful, and creative, the humans built their world eventually resulting in the capital city of Terra, Tokenopolis. Humans are makers and since the dawn of their existence on Terra have made many a thing: Towering walls, large castles, but most important of all their creations? Weapons. Humans train with their weapons to an almost excessive extent. This is due to their other most notable creation, religion. In their struggle to survive humans arrived at a belief system known as Adjacency. Keep your brethren close, work together, defend and attack together, build together and you shall triumph together. Humans have an arduous existence for all they have and all they want must be made by their hands. Raw materials and land do not come cheaply and as the humans seek to expand their empire, so too, does their war expand and rage on.

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Near nothing is known about the origin of the Zombies save for that they originate from the massive, city-like cemetery outside the south wall of Tokenopolis, known as Tombtowne. Zombies are the reanimated corpses of Goblins, Elves, and Humans that have perished in battle. Their flesh decomposed into a black, sticky sludge, Zombies lose not only all semblance of their original form but also are reduced to staggering, mindless, flesh-hungry fiends with only one known purpose, to eat and increase their undead ranks. Since Zombies follow the food they have lurched and lunched to every corner of Terra and have become a scourge to all who inhabit it. While most factions turn a blind eye, the Humans have taken an active role in hunting and exterminating the Zombie threat. Soldiers trek far and wide in the pursuit of stamping the Zombies out, sadly most never return as every Soldier who falls in battle rises again as a blackened goop covered ghoul.


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Elven historians theorize that in response to the sprawling spawn of the Goblins, Elves, and Humans, nature itself created the Wyverns to counterbalance the violent and foreboding hordes of murderous, consuming beings flooding the landscape. The Wyverns know no such concept as leadership, power or fear. Their home, the sheer Azure cliffs that are peppered off each shoreline on Terra are nearly impossible to ascend, though many tempt fate doing so in order to acquire highly coveted Wyvern eggs which have many valuable properties. For those that invade their domain, be warned - they strike fast, lethal blows with their massive talons and pointed beaks and while they could feed on fish they prefer to thin out the ranks of the skittering masses below.​

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The Humans were dying at an alarming rate trying to squash out the Zombie hordes so they came up with a solution - the Flying Machines. Once fabricated these autonomous buzzing battle bots swarm out into the harsh lands of Terra searching for the undead to destroy, typically accompanied by a small cadre of Soldiers the Flying Machines proved useful against any and all enemies. The demand for Flying Machines increased quickly so the humans built a mobile factory that would produce Flying Machines to near limitless amounts known as the Hell Foundry. As the massive factories gears turn and forge fires rage shimmering chrome clouds of Flying Machines flood the skyline ready to pester and ping away at all enemies who dare tangle with them.

flying machines

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token terrors season 2 ...?


Welcome to Terra, a continent that is as deadly as it is diverse. Teeming with life, the many beings that inhabit Terra thrive in a chaotic ecosystem of conflict, cooperation, and evolution. From the southern tips of Terras’ Spire gate to the icosagon observation deck in the Tower Library on the northern bluffs, Terra is packed with lush jungles and forests, treacherous craggy mountains, towering cities, small hamlets, and secrets yet to be discovered. As various factions on Terra rise and fall in and out of prominence, Terra itself bares their legacies but remains eternal in its foreboding beauty.


Mt. Wild Wind:  The wind-whipped mountains are the cradle of the Wyvern species.  Fossilized remains indicate that there used to be many nesting sites all over the mountain, however at some unknown point in Terra’s history there was a mass exodus of the species. The mountain itself is the tallest geological feature on Terra 


Peril Pier: A shipping port and boatyard at the northern end of Terra,  goods, and treasures from Beyond Terra are brought through this port to the rest of the continent.  A wretched hive of scum and villainy.


The Tower Library: The seat of the Wizard’s power in Terra.  Their academy, library, and high council are all located in the massive tower whose interior is nigh endless and labyrinthine.  Magic users across Terra dream of honing their spellcraft within its hallowed corridors.  


East Messa Mountains: Messa Mountains are inhospitable and filled with jagged rocks.  The mountains are positively teeming with warring goblin clans.  The region produces no resources of value to the rest of Terra.  


The Azure Cliffs: The current hunting ground and nesting sites of the Wyvern species that have migrated from Mt. Wild Wind.  The Wyvern aeries are fiercely guarded,  though many try to make off with the prized Wyvern Eggs which are consumed as both a delicacy and status symbol across Terra. 


The Dune Wastes: A sea of shifting sand dunes, impossibly hot by day and sub-arctic by night.  Sandstorms can strip the flesh off the poorly attired traveler in less than an hour.  It’s rumored there are ancient structures, somewhere, that contain hoards of treasure from kingdoms past.


East Deep Growthe Woods: A new-growth forest that is also home to several elven clans.  Underfoot there are goblin campaign tunnels that still harbor goblin war parties.  Elves and goblins will harangue the unwary traveler,  so it's always advised to clear passage and obtain an elven escort.  

Nok Nok Dock:  Under the jurisdiction of several shadowy syndicates that operate out of Nok Nok Village.  Most of the cargo passing through are smuggled goods making their way into and out of Terra.  


Blight Swamp:  Rotten with creatures big and small that are all looking for their next victim.  The infamous Swamplin guerilla tribes reside deep in the impenetrable bayou.  The denizens of the marshes and wetlands serve as a natural deterrent to the rest of Terra.


Eerie Bosk: A forest in eternal twilight.  Many of the residents have learned to hunt and thrive in the gloom,  catching trespassers unaware as they wander confused and frightened through the maze-like footpaths.


Terras’ Spire Gate: Should you approach Terra from the south, the first sight to greet you is the bloody stone fangs jutting from the water known as the Spire Gate. Sea monsters are said to hunt between the two rocks making safe passage perilous and rare.  


Subterra Cave: Nearly all that is known about the Subterra Cave is that it is a cave and it’s on the southernmost tip of Terra. Rumors however tell that this cave leads to a system of tunnels that lay beneath all of Terra itself extending under and up to the north cave openings of the Messa mountains.


Hella Hella Island: Hot-blooded are the denizens of Hella Hella Island.  Even the ground itself is hot to the foot and creatures not of an infernal nature have been known to spontaneously burst into flame.  


Dun Jungle: A subtropical jungle- everything is venomous/poisonous and many of the plants and animals find themselves as the ingredient into potions and concoctions all over Terra.  Many species of plants and animals can only be found there.  


Tombtowne: A sprawling necropolis,  ghost, skeletons, and various other undead make this haunted mega-cemetery home.  Because of the never-ending wars, Tombtowne is the fastest growing settlement of Terra. 


West Deep Growth Woods:  An old-growth forest and home to the ruling high families of Elves.  The Eon life tree is jealously guarded by the elves and is at the heart of the forest.  The elves hold absolute sovereignty over the West Deep Growthe Woods.  Interlopers are not tolerated, and visitors are by invite only. 


West Messa Mountains: The goblins have fully conquered the West Messa Mountains and now fight amongst themselves for total control.  Lesser fiend-kind live in the nooks and crannies and there is a complex network of caves throughout the mountains that have been largely unexplored by non-fiend kind.

Tokenopolis:  The capital city of humans. Flanked on either side of its outer walls with the Tower of peace and the Battlement of protection. Order is kept by the church and enforced by the military. 


Adjacentowne:  A melting pot that is mostly housing for the peasant and lower class. Rich with culture, music, art, and food, a great place to get a drink. Mostly neutral to nonviolent visitors. 


Guildington:  Home of the teacher and apprentice and of all things crafted. A place where magic is forbidden. Only purveyors of skilled labor may ply their trade here.   


Diagnell:  Home to magic worshippers and wannabe students. Unofficial preparatory school for those hoping to be selected to attend the Tower Library. Was originally constructed for the bridge builders who erected the Northeast bridge to the Dune Wastes. 


Athirsta:  The burgeoning desert town filled with outcasts and those who reject the structures and laws of Terra beyond the Azure Cliffs. Mysterious, and very insular. Outlawed experimental magic thrives here. 

Nok Nok Village:  A pastoral village that produces many champions and would-be heroes.  The armies of Tokenopolis recruit to great success from here.  

creation of terra

and the

immortal warlords

Warlord banner.png

In a black lightless void, voices echoed through time, reverberating for eternity, coalescing into 6 cosmic beings scattered through a newly formed cosmos. Each of these beings, formed by a frenetic frequency of consciousness yearning to exist. Each seeking to feed their curiosity, their creation, their violence, and their individual supremacy. These 6 beings converged at the birthplace of the universe and discussed the fate of their endless extant. It was decided that their might and perhaps their infinite lives be proven by contest, so the 6 beings, in unison, belted a mighty chord vibrating the nascent matter surrounding them and created a game but not just a game, a planet...LIFE! 


On this planetary mass, waters flooded, molten rock was spewed, lands formed, plants took root and intelligent life eventually sprang forth. The cosmic creators began to call themselves WARLORDS, each adopting a color from the visible spectrum and bestowing it on their creations, imbuing them with the prominent cosmic power that brought about their existence.


Red for chaos

Blue for control

Black for transcendence

White for diligence

Green for power

Silver for invention


Donning decorative armor that amplifies their latent power, the Warlord's command the skittering inhabitants of the small planet as no more than playthings for their godly amusement. They compete for pleasure and competition on the Battlegrounds below. Each in an eternal war to see their creations reign victorious. 


And so, the creatures of the land known as Terra fight on in a Terrible game, for the ages.

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