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Token Terrors Battlegrounds BATTLE BOOKS (set of 2)

Token Terrors Battlegrounds BATTLE BOOKS (set of 2)

SKU: TG0003

UNleash your true power as a strategic mastermind in Token Terrors Battlegrounds with your own set of Battle Books! These handy player aids not only give all the rule refernece resources you could need for quick reference but also feature recessed spaces for your Surge die, a command track and recessed space and adice rolling tray!


A set of Battlebooks does fit inside the box for Token Terrors Battlegrounds and the dice tray is large enough to fit the board, cards and upto 15 Token Terrors in each. 



These deluxe player interfaces provide you with:


2 Magnetic clasping Battle Book deluxe players player aids

an addtional oversized Evasion D6

2 acrylic Command tracker cubes. 



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